Bleed Control for Responsibly Armed Citizens - Class Reservation & VFAK

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This is a reservation for the Bleed Control Training on April 20th 2019. It also includes the purchase of a VFAK Kit. There is a classroom portion, following that will be hands on range time.

Class size is limited to 20 students.

The class is from 0900 to 1500 at the Enfield Outing Club.



VFAK Kit Description

Handmade Cordura Denier bag featuring clear vinyl pockets containing the following:


XGauze - Hypoallergenic Hemostatic Gauze

STAT Tourniquet - Soft polymer tactical tourniquet usable on adults and children with an arm circumference as small as 20mm

CAT Tourniquet

Compressed Crinkle Gauze (4 inch)

Israeli Bandage (4 inch)

Headlamp - Batteries included

Silver Rescue Blanket

Nitrile Medical Gloves

Utility Shears, 5.5 inch with yellow handle

Single Use CPR Shield

Alcohol Prep Pads

Moist Towelette

Red Sharpie

Ducts Tape - Gray, Peel Off Backing 1.97 " x 2 yrds


Our kits also contain magnets that allow them to hang on anything a magnet will stick to, such as a refrigerator or the side of your vehicle. These magnets also help the pouch to remain open while it is hanging so you can pull contents out.