Hiker/Hunter First Aid Kit (HFAK)

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26.00 Ounces

Product Overview

Our Hiker/Hunter First Aid Kit is designed to be lightweight and durable for hikers and hunters who want to carry emergency trauma preparedness items without adding significant weight. This kit features our Cordura Denier pouch with vinyl pockets containing

Silver Rescue Space Blanket
Padded Aluminum Splint 4 x 24 Inch
Compressed Crinkle Gauze Dynarex 4 Inch
Emergency Pressure Bandage  4 Inch (Israeli)
Safe Touch Blue Nitrile Medical Gloves Powder Free
4 Function Whistle W/Thermometer, Magnifier & Compass
Paramedic Utility Bandage Scissors Shears 5.5 Inch
Control Wrap 2"  (Ace Bandage)
CPR Face Shield
Disposable Light Stick 12 Hour
Disposable Instant Cold Pack Junior Size
Non-Adherent Dressing, 3" x 4"   
Alcohol Prep Pad (2 per kit)
STAT Tourniquet
H & H Wound Seal Kit
Moist Towelette
Red Sharpie
Waterproof matches
Duct Tape With Peel Off Backing 1.97" X 2 Yards, Gray


Our kit is handmade in New Hampshire and also contains magnets allowing the kit to hang on the side of a vehicle or refrigerator. The handle is bright hunter orange to make it easily visible. Secured with heavy duty velcro, the kit remains closed during hiking and climbing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review