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Having the right products is not enough. The right training is essential. That's where Ready Line Guardian comes in. Learn what each of the items in your kit does, how to use them, and when.

Our trainers have served in the most mentally and physically stressful scenarios possible. Life and death situations in the heat of war. They understand stress, but also know it is crucial to stay as calm and focused as possible. They provide top notch training for everyone. A quick bio is available for each trainer.

We will update and post our training schedule on this page regularly that way you can chose the time that best fits your schedule and needs.

Don't see a time that works for you? Please CONTACT US. We are more than happy to provide flexible private classes for your business, church, or group that needs it. We can be reached by phone at (931) 220-4049. You may also e-mail us at

Ray Jula

Chief Training Officer, NRA Certified, Subject Matter Advisor, B-Con Certified. TCCC Provider; 20+ Years Experience


Ray Jula is a subject matter expert and advisor for Ready Line Products with over 20 years’ experience related to the protection industry, including military operations and law enforcement. He is a proficient and certified firearms instructor. He has extensive knowledge of several forms of combat styles, including Krav Maga, Kali/Eskrima, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kenpo Karate and Modern Army Combatives.

Before Ready Line Products, Ray has worked as a security supervisor, ensuring the safeguard of personnel and equipment on multi-million dollar facilities, performing searches and seizures, vehicular inspections, and provided VIP protection for numerous Fortune 500 Executives and their companies.

Prior to this career, Ray served in the United States Army, both domestically and overseas. His duties included supervising a team of 4-8 service members, performing urban operations and anti-terrorism tactics. This included entering and clearing unsecured buildings and premises, both dismounted and mounted patrols, search and seizure operations, and securing enemy combatants and non-combatants. In this time, Ray gained extensive practical knowledge that he is able to draw upon when conducting training and protective services.

Ray has also worked as a Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Tennessee Department of Corrections Special Operations Group. He designed and implemented a training curriculum for officer safety, focusing on defensive tactics, weapons employment and weapon retention, restraint techniques, and entry tactics. The innovative and flexible system he created is still in use years after his employ. Ray’s focus is on Reality Based Training and his students learn tactics to defend themselves against situations relevant to their lives and circumstances.

Ray has achieved a Certification Level III from the US Army Combatives School, is a certified Combat Lifesaver, received Instructor Training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), is a certified International Krav Maga Federation Instructor, and is a graduate of Ranger School and Airborne School.

Ray has an Associate’s Degree in Administration of Justice with a concentration in Corrections, and a Bachelor’s degree in History at Southern New Hampshire University.