Shop First Aid Kit (SFAK)

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48.00 Ounces

Product Overview

Our Shop First Aid Kit (SFAK) is designed to be a kit to encompass small cuts and burns to emergency trauma needs such as deep lacerations. This kit is handmade in New Hampshire from 1000 count Cordura Denier with clear vinyl pockets. Everything is clearly visible and accessible. Magnets secure this kit to a metal surface of your choosing such as the side of a filing cabinet, white board, or a door. They also keep the kit open while you are pulling out what you need and keeps the kit in place.


Our SFAK includes:

2 Waterjel Burn Dressing 4x16
2 Waterjel Burn Dressing 4x4
2 Waterjel Burn Dressing 2x6
2 Compressed Krinkle Gauze Dynarex 4 Inch
1 Control Wrap 4"  (Ace Bandage)
2 CPR Face Shield
5 Disposable Instant Cold Pack Junior Size
2 H & H Wound Seal Kit
2 H Compression Bandage
1 Israeli Emergency Bandage - 4"
1 Israeli Emergency Bandage - 6"
2 Kerlix Gauze Roll
10 Non-Adherent Dressing, 3" x 4"   
2 Padded Aluminum Splint 4 x 24 Inch
10 SAM Finger Splint, Orange/Blue  
1 Sheer Strips, Assorted  80/bx
2 Silver Rescue Space Blanket
4 STAT Tourniquet
2 Tweezer Mini First Aid 1.75 inches
5 Water-Jel Burn Gel 6/bx
1 XGauze
1 Duct Tape With Peel Off Backing 1.97" x 2 Yards Gray


(No reviews yet) Write a Review